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Post 8: Finding the right film

By now you’re probably thinking once you’ve got sussed out your camera the hard bit is over; you can just grab a film, load it up and off you go. However, you might want to think again. The broad assortment of film in Express Imaging, City Road, is enough to show you need to make sure you’re using one that is not only compatible with your camera but one that is going to suit your type of photography and will produce the best image in your shooting conditions. 

Kodak fims

Rolls of film

There are three main types of film but to break it down for you I’m just going to focus on the most familiar type for now – colour negative film, also known as C-41. This comes in 35mm, 120, 126, 127 and 110 film.  Colour negative is made up of three layers of emulsion which are individually sensitive to different colours; the top layer is blue, then green, then red.  Once you’ve snapped your shot, your image is developed on an orangey-brown negative.

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